What are Poltergeists? Poltergeists or Telekinesis?

When Poltergeists attack!

Whether you're a Paranormal Investigator, psychic medium or just live in a haunted house  there are basically two types of spirit which you are likely to encounter.

The first is of the apparition variety. These are your stereotypical ghosts, the white translucent human shaped spirits. These ghosts are generally unable to interact with the environment they find themselves in, they hover above the ground and are able to walk through walls. Apparitions are usually spotted doing mundane everyday tasks, like an echo of their real life projected through time.

The second type of ghost, the one we are looking at  is a poltergeist. the word poltergeist literally means noisy ghost. This is because unlike the apparition a poltergeist is able to interact with its environment and by god will it! Poltergeists are known to turn lights on and off, bang doors, creak stairs, throw objects around the house, smash windows and generally wreak havoc. This is the most antisocial type of ghost!
Here is a story about an encounter I personally had with a poltergeist:

As a child I awoke one night from a bad dream about a dead relative, I was crying, I was upset. We were on holiday, in a caravan at the time and I ran from my room into the living area in search of my mother. She wasn't there and I screamed. The cushions on the couch raised themselves up into the air and flew across the room. The cupboard doors flew open and slammed shut and the trailer shook. A neighboring holiday goer ran into the room after hearing my scream and all the activity stopped, dead. Stuff literally fell out of the air, the cupboard doors all stayed open. Turns out that my mother had gone to the toilet block...

For years I had counted this as a poltergeist attack. It is only now in after all my research and psychic training that it has become apparent to me that this was not in fact a paranormal experience, that I may not have been visited by the spirit world. You see many Parapsychologists and Paranormal investigators have found that in many Poltergeist cases the cause has actually been a person in the house doing unintentional telekinesis. It is possible for TK to over spill when your emotions are pushed. That's why we have the first rule, never use Telekinesis while angry.

The following is an incredible story about how the Soviet Union tried to use the power of Poltergeists as a weapon during the cold war. We know that the Soviets had invested great sums into Psi research, much like the US and this video will demonstrate exactly how they planned to do so.

The KGB used Poltergeists as a weapon in the Cold war.