Different Types of Thinking HOW DO YOU THINK?

Understand how different people think differently.

One of the things that you notice when you learn telepathy, delving around in peoples minds is that not everybody thinks in the same way. That the way that you perceive the world is different from everybody else. Ever thought "Why the hell did this person behave in this way?"

If you want to know what other people are thinking you must first understand the different ways in which people think. There are three basic types of thinking. We all use a mixture of the types but generally are predominate in one. The brain is very adaptive and it is possible to train your mind to improve in the areas you feel you are the weakest.

There are some people who think mainly in pictures. They make images in their minds or play videos. What shall we have for dinner? Their mind flick through images of sausages and mash, or spaghetti, or toast or whatever. These people say things like "look at this" or "did you see this" and these people are generally good at art or design because they have a strong 3d visual sketch pad in their minds.

There are those who think in words. Those who hear there own voice say the words they are thinking. People who ask themselves questions in their mind or 'talk to themselves'. In the dark ages if you told somebody you thought like this you were considered a witch! This people say things like "Did you hear about this?" or "I read this thing which said..."

Finally there are those who 'feel' rather than think. People who deal with whims, intuition and gut instincts. People who base their decision making on the way they feel in their bodies. This isn't to say that they are better for psychic power. In fact often these people struggle to explain their actions.

So the question is which type are you? Take part in the poll: