The Secret Code of the Dead

The Secret Code of the Dead is a paranormal / supernatural work of fiction by Charlie Purple which follows a close group of four childhood friends. Based in England's capital, the four embark on a journey of discovery that will have them travelling to a war ravaged Iraq. They inadvertently open doorways to a world that should be kept firmly shut. As the story unfolds, natural cynicism is dispelled as they awaken to the only possible conclusion; they have found a code to listen to the dead. 

This is a very powerful tool and it soon attracts interest from people that would abuse this gift. 

An extraordinary amount of time and money is invested in our desire to communicate with the departed, but if there is an afterlife, surely its inhabitants would wish to communicate with the living too? This story is about such a possibility and how one man's unique skills enable the dead to construct a language around his life experiences.

What begins with an evening meal for four lifelong friends in England, ends with one of them (David) embarking on a journey of discovery. After accepting a post as foreign correspondent events lead inextricably to a day of reckoning where he is invited to confront his innermost desire in a war torn Iraq. 

Hadrian is a creditable reluctant psychic with unique skills, and that's why he was chosen to develop a better way of communicating with the after world.
“There is a presence in our society that will shatter the souls of humanity, he will kill you with his kindness.” When he learns of Hadrian's new gift, he will stop at nothing to control him, but the dead have subtle ways of protecting their secrets too.

This is a fast paced novella, with believable characters experiencing extraordinary events in ordinary lives. Would your conscious mind truly recognise your innermost desire?
“To thine own self always be true.”

How OLD is your SOUL? Take the Test and Find out!

If you're an old soul you will undoubtedly be giving, caring loving and compassionate - all wonderful attributes that we are taught are the signs of a developed person who cares for others, and the actions that we take that may affect others.

The key signs of an old soul;

  • Giving and caring often putting others first
  • Had a difficult romantic life often with much pain and disappointment
  • More than likely had a soulmate relationship
  • Things just seem to happen to you and around you, often becoming very dramatic through the seemingly extreme reactions of others
  • Events repeat themselves
  • Have trouble connecting with your family
  • Somehow know you're different
  • Have some psychic intuition and 'just knowing' things
  • Find that you have deeper emotions and passions than most people
  • People have extreme reactions to you - some just adore you and some seem to really dislike you yet you behave the same to everyone
  • Have an inner creative passion
  • Suffer lots of jealousy
  • Often perceived wrongly
  • Feel your don't have much free will, like your life is being controlled by some outside force
  • Often feel 'stuck' like events just keep on happening to you time after time

All of us can relate to some of these characteristics and events at some time in our lives however the 'old souls' amongst us will shout "Yes that's me !"and immediately understand and relate.

In contrast, we have all met the 'young souls' the ones who profess to be giving and caring and often seem to seek us out, but who never really give, just take, and who then commit the most insensitive and often cruel acts but seem to have no understanding of what they've done or any sign of remorse whatsoever. In fact they can often go to such extremes to get very aggressive when we point out their actions and the effect that they've had on us..

Soul Age

The terms 'old soul' and 'young soul' aren't just descriptions of personality types but do give us a meaningful clue to why we find ourselves in this life cycle…

The journey of the soul through many lives is one of growth and learning; from the earliest manifestation of that soul in human form - where it's focused on material things, power, ego and the "now", eventually through to the higher levels of compassion, truth, destiny, caring and fairness in later lives as old souls.

The soul is required to visit human form many times in order to learn these lessons. It is through interaction with others on the three dimensional plane that the soul accrues karma, the results of its actions on others and paying the price of those actions ( first rule of karma "what goes around comes around" - or what I often refer to as the 'karmic boomerang') that develops, hones, and tunes the spirit into the higher levels,  eventually becoming attuned to the highest level of as 'old soul' in later lives.

Part of that developing process is to become infinitely more empathic, attuned to the universe and destiny, and for our intuition to develop more towards psychic powers. At this stage we sense that destiny plays a greater part in our lives that we could previously have imagined as we 'peek behind the scenes' of the universal mechanisms through our developing intuition.

This itself is also a challenge as we watch those less enlightened who are still contained in the "I know best" mode, mess up their lives going wandering down the wrong path. Typical of this is the soulmate; where we are tasked to watch them wander off knowing somehow that the tests they will face will ultimately bring them back around, older, wiser and more spiritually aware.

It's important to understand that each time our soul revisits the earthly plane, that we play 'catch-up', developing through our earthly actions and learning experiences quickly to regain that level of spiritual awareness we attained when leaving the previous life.  In other words, in entering this life we are initially unconscious of the fact that we are required to have a very testing life to 'fast track' us to the spiritual level we are meant to be at in this one.

So; the older the soul, the harder and more testing the early events in order to make us reach inside and spiritually open; to regain previously achieved levels of spirituality and to further develop..

'Soul age' with Soulmates

I've already mentioned that we have all had to deal with the 'young souls', the ones who seem sent to test us and can often leave us feeling dazed and confused and hurt.

At this point I have to highlight something that's particularly important and relevant to soulmates.  Your soulmate is unlikely to be a young soul even though their actions to-date may fit what we've described as a young soul.

We get terribly confused when we sense they are loving and caring and deep and spiritually enlightened yet they frequently behave in the totally opposite way

The important difference between a soulmate and a young soul is that the universe does not connect young souls with old souls in soulmate connections. What your soulmate is most likely going through is the life tests on that "fast track" , i.e learning fast and developing to their real soul age through meeting all the tough tests and making all the mistakes, acting in that earthly controlled, ego based, "I know best" way.

Hence the duality of their existence and the confusion they cause within our lives. What you are sensing is that destiny. It's the butterfly sensing another butterfly but seeing a caterpillar….

This is the main reason soulmates have to part, in order that the less developed one catches up with their earthly experiences in order to fully awaken spiritually and be ready to reconnect with their real soul age from the past life and to reconnect with you to continue the journey at the same spiritual level…

Energy Vampires and Attack

Old souls will also be no strangers to people who try to cling to, or take or attack our energy.   Often the more we give to people the more abuse we take. It's an extreme example of the "no good deed goes unpunished" rule.

Energy vampires are those who somehow spiritually sense our power and energy to come into our lives to using us as a crutch, often draining us through their need to explain their problems and us be the solution.

Frequently they will use our caring, giving nature to assist them with their lives, often becoming too close and draining and we don't seem to be able to find a way to tell them that this is something we aren't comfortable with and so we allow it to continue to an abusive level.

Most times the person clinging to us won't be aware of why they are doing this; they just sense, feel that we have something they need that causes them to be drawn closer and closer.

This is because their spirit, their energy senses a more powerful energy. It's not on an ego awareness plane, we're not talking 'mind' stuff here we're talking spiritual energy which all of us sense even if we aren't realizing it. It's on the "there's something about him/her" level.

Some will migrate to that energy for healing and comfort, the 'karmic vampire', others will fall for the energy in a romantic way and become instantly attached, with others seeking us out as a focus for blame and negative attention ( karmic dumping ).  When confronted with their actions, even in the most caring and compassionate of ways, aggression and blame are often the responses they visit upon us as they lash out...

Jealous bosses or co-workers, unwanted sexual attention, being 'picked out', blamed, the focus of attention when we don't want to be - all of these are classic symptoms..  Yes anyone will experience some of this in their daily lives but what we are talking here is something that happens to the old soul again and again at a frequency and intensity far above anything that can statistically be considered average..

Now you may think the word attack is rather strong and negativity and conflict are a common phenomenon of everyday human interaction, however any old soul will point out the frequency and veracity of their experiences- often amazing others when they hear the stories.

At this point I remember lots of incidents in my own life but the most profound moment was when I was confronted by someone who spat anger and bile at me proclaiming I'd done this and that and the other with dark motives.

The total shock was something I won't forget. Actually I hadn't done any of these things; in fact I wasn't even in the country when they happened. However that didn't mean anything to this man - he set himself up as judge, jury and executioner and that utterly stunned me.  It was only one of lots of incidences but is typical of an 'attack'.

On an energy level, this guy, to my definite first hand knowledge, cheated on his wife, was unfair in business, had a huge ego and had controlled and manipulated several people to his own ends.  Nevertheless I had never taken it as my task to judge any of this, I just treated him like I treated anyone else. That was what caused the utter disbelief; the astonishment that his 'reality' was 180 degrees from actual events.

Attacks from young souls who misinterpret our actions based upon their own narrow understandings are commonplace.  In the example above, this guy had judged me based not upon his perception of me, my morals and motives - but from his own. He projected people's actions as having the same intent as his own and not realizing what he had done, had given me an insight into his own dark world by the veracity and ferociousness of his attack.

He could not perceive any of my actions as being honest, decent and caring and putting others first because he wasn't capable of acting from that place within himself. In addition, whatever anger, frustration and emotions this caused necessitated him exaggerating these false claims to a level so ludicrous that it lost all connection with reality.

In the end a quick chat with his lawyer resolved the problem because the lawyer simply told me the case was so ludicrous he couldn't take it seriously. However it was still very painful for me and really illustrates that in addition to giving love and light and understanding, we need to be prepared to defend ourselves against attach from a darker or afflicted soul - 'karmic dumping' as I call it.

This again is one of the spiritual karmic tests that every old soul has to face.
I always say that an old soul can walk into a room full of people and without even saying a word, three others will adore them and three hate them instantaneously.

All of the above cannot be avoided and are not as a result of our actions but of who we are on a spiritual level.

The importance of power.

As we grow and learn, parents' teachers, mentors, the media, religious teachings and other influences in our lives all teach us that being giving and kind and caring and turning the other cheek are vital to being a good human being.  True of course..

So why do we; more caring, more giving, more compassionate old souls often feel walked over by life ??

As in all things there is a duality. Look at nature - there's no cold without hot, no up without down, no dark without light. The yin and the yang, the interplay of opposing forces seeking balance.

Although conventional teaching is to keep pouring love and light and openness and giving into situations there is a point where we become depleted. There is a point where our love and compassion can cause us to give more than is healthy, to accept more than is our lot, and when we run out of cheeks to turn.

Herein lies one of the most important karmic lessons; in that, we must seek balance. We must maintain our own personal power and not allow love, compassion and "thinking the best of people" to become voluntary abuse when that person or persons repays us with negativity.

Allowing this to happen encourages lowering self-esteem, feelings of abandonment, and a sense that destiny has left us behind when people are responding to us in a very negative way.  For many of us this is a lesson that takes many years to learn.

Most of use will have experienced abuse of our energy in different situations from work, family and relatives, within friendships and especially in personal relationships.

We often give too much because we are giving people, and through that action diminish our personal power.  Give love and light YES, pray for people YES, BUT I believe that it is essential for all of us to sometimes have to fight to protect the incredible value of our energy; to realize it is a rare thing and to value it even when others don't.

In achieving balance we understand that giving love and light and having compassion and caring and understanding of people, especially those that are afflicted and confused by negativity is essential but is only one half of that balance.  Love and light won't get your elephant off the tracks so sometimes we need to use our power in an assertive way.

The old soul experience comes with many such tests. This is not about giving less or giving to receive, it is to balance our giving and loving and caring with a total respect for the gold that is our own energy…In all things balance…

"To thine own self be true", William Shakespeare

Trans-Time Photography Photographing the Far Past - How I Discovered it is Possible

This article was written by Jane Tripp 

Paranormal Photography
It's an amazing experience to be able to see evidence of interdimensional life-forms in a photograph or on video footage. Some psychic photographers are physical mediums. This is a genuine category of physical mediumship, but rather than communicating with spirits and entities from other dimensions through trance or direct voice contact, this unusual gift allows spirits and trans-dimensionals to communicate via photography instead.

I have this ability and can take transdimensional photographs in which many unusual and fascinating anomalies can be found. I can take photographs that contain, among other things, spirits of people and animals, as well as elemental forms, scenes, UFOs and cloaked craft.

But by far the most exciting aspect of this psychic function for me lies in my ability to take photos that access scenes from the past, and more rarely, the future. This means I'm photographing through time and space.

Seeing the Past
Being able to view the past is a subject that fascinates me perhaps more than any other. The idea of being able to actually see a genuine photographic image from the past is beyond intriguing.

There have been a surprising number of people in the last hundred years or so who have claimed to have created working time cameras, and my own belief is that it is perfectly possible, has already been done several times, and will be accomplished again.

But there is another way to gather visual data from the past, and it is not common knowledge that this can be done. In fact, hardly anyone is aware that it is even a remote possibility, let alone that there are photographic examples available to look at.

Trans-Time Photography
Sometimes re-runs of past events become available in the environment and sometimes, they can even be photographed. Video footage of the target area improves this ability dramatically, as the best way to reveal scenes from the past is by taking screen photos off the footage as it is being played back.

The resulting photographs frequently display trans-time imagery - genuine pictures of past events.

Although as a transdimensional photographer I can usually receive trans-time images by photographing video footage of places rich in history and emotional past events, I'm not yet able to discover the exact mechanism through which this ability functions.

Spirit Photography
Trans-time images are different from the paranormal images that appear in ordinary spirit photographs, but these phenomena are both found most abundantly where dramatic events involving many people and a range of strong emotions have occurred in the past.

The images can appear as scenes, vignettes and also in what are known as 'globules', tiny little bubble-like formations which can often carry detailed pictures of people, buildings and landscape within them.

Size differences vary widely, and as in all varieties of paranormal photo anomalies, they can appear large
enough to cover the entire surface of the photo or be almost microscopically tiny. They can also appear upside down and sideways in an image.

Under certain circumstances the photographic pictures can even display as negative images that have to be cropped and flipped to positive in a photo-editing program in order to be seen clearly. They can even be situated next to a positive image on the same picture.

This phenomenon occurs with other forms of transdimensional photography as well. I've not yet discovered how this polarizing happens, but have found it to be a fairly common result.

How the Past May be 'Stored'
I believe from my own experiences, along with studies based on the work of other people, that every event that takes place on Earth, from the most insignificant to the most noteworthy, is permanently stored holographically, saved as light and sound bites, giving us retrievable visual and auditory data, if we can only come to comprehend the mechanism by which that data can be released.

But it's also possible that they are stored in a more temporary fashion as well, within the matrices of
materials which act as storage units for event-records, perhaps giving two possible ways of future retrieval:

from the original permanent holographic data-storage system for all records in existence
from temporary localized storage available around us within natural landscape features, architecture and objects.

The Stone Tape Theory
Stone, wood, water - anything that has form - could theoretically become a temporary storage unit for light and sound records. 

Obviously, some materials would store records more efficiently than others, and all such data would be subject to disintegration with the breaking down of the storage materials over time.

The stone tape theory was put forward in the 1970's as a new explanation for ghosts and residual hauntings. It was theorized that records from the past were absorbed by materials in their surroundings, especially if they were fuelled by strong emotions and traumatic events.

The Stone Tape Play
In fact, a BBC television play was broadcast as an atmospheric ghost story during the Christmas season of 1972, called simply 'The Stone Tape'. This was possibly the first use of the term 'stone tape' in reference to this fascinating phenomena, and it was after the title of the play that the stone tape theory was later named. The play was written by Nigel Kneale, and for the times it was produced in, it really was fairly good, apart from the rather dramatic over-acting.

In the story, a team of scientists move into a gothic mansion which had been built on top of much earlier foundations and subsequently renovated many times over the centuries. They are there in order to experiment with the idea of retrieving information from the stones in a room where builders have refused to work because of a haunting involving a woman who died tragically in the location  many years before. Using their scientific equipment they strive to find a way to unlock the data and replay the emotionally-charged events. Finding themselves unable to accomplish this with their instruments alone, they hit upon the idea that a human agency and some play-acting might be necessary to prompt the release of the 'rerun'.

Of course it all ends tragically, but some of the basic ideas in the story align very closely to the mysterious truth of the matter. Past data can be retrieved, and although this will one day be possible to achieve using specially designed and standardized instruments, it is also possible today, using video footage, photography and human intervention.

A Human Agency
In my own work I have discovered just how important human agency is in revealing such fascinating anomalies. Without a mechanical means of play-back, trans-time images have to be first photographed by a psychic with physical mediumship abilities, and then the images must be coaxed from the photograph with editing techniques and prepared for viewing.

Problems With Understanding Storage and Release of Data
Specific events can trigger a release of this nature, and active paranormal activity can occur. Phenomena can be auditory, visual of both. Sounds such as voices or footsteps may be heard. People, animals and objects can witnessed. Sometimes an entire scene can be re-played. 

This may include seeing events, either silently or with sound, or just hearing them with no visual input. Sometimes the olfactory senses are stimulated and strong scents such as perfume or tobacco can be experienced. These replays are non-interactive. It's more like experiencing a movie than a real event. A residual haunting of this nature does not have a present reality. The actions that precipitated the storage of the records are over, and the people who were once involved are no longer present as spirits.

It's considered that the method of storage may be electro-magnetic, and I also think that this may be the case, at least in part. It makes sense, but nothing is yet known with any certainty and there is probably far more involved. 

Some researcher's with greater scientific understanding than myself think that this is not the case, and it remains to be seen.

Disturbing Construction Sites
This provides one explanation for the well-known phenomenon of paranormal disturbance that can  occur when a building or other structure is altered or remodeled, leading to a spate of 'ghostly' activity involving sightings and auditory phenomena.

This may be perceived as a haunting, when in fact it is more likely to be caused by the release of past
records from original materials as they are disturbed during construction, and associated phenomena will usually not continue for very long.

More than one construction crew has quit in the face of unexplained paranormal antics that have scared and unsettled workers as they went about their business. There is plenty of research available for those who would like to explore the subject further, and some cases are well documented.

Eerie phenomena have occurred in which inexplicable and seemingly impossible events have taken
place, such as elevators that continued to go up and down even when their power source was

This type of activity does not correlate to our present understanding of physics and is often enough to scare some people away for good.

Experiencing these replays can be a little bit unnerving, but they cannot harm anybody. It's also true that although they can be accidently triggered, nobody has so far formulated any standard procedure for releasing these residual records, let alone recording them as they are released.

Photographing the Past?
But I am stating that scenes from the past can be resurrected and brought to life once more in a specific way. It's possible and it has already been achieved.

Genuine images of people and scenes who lived long ago can actually be made visible again, photographically, as they once appeared, and I have provided incredible evidence that this startling
assertion is the truth.

If you view my work with trans-time photography you will see something very, very special - fascinating images of the past that have been extracted from video footage of historical locations.

Photographed directly from the screen as the video footage played, the edited pictures reveal haunting
trans-time images, details from an ancient world, in color, embedded in locations such as the original walls of buildings that are centuries old.

How I Discovered the Truth About the Past
When I first taught myself how to edit photographs containing paranormal images I had no idea just how deeply my explorations would take me into the twilight zone.

I had of course seen and examined the evidence in other people's photographs, but only a few pictures of this type were (or are) available, and frankly I already had more of my own anomalous trans-time images than all the accessible work from other people's experiments with cameras put together.

I had still to fully realize the implications of my own discoveries. Although I had always been interested in and recognized the validity of the stone tape theory, I hadn't experimented seriously with trans-time photography myself. 

I had taken photographs which displayed trans-time imagery before, but this was a spontaneous phenomenon over which I had no control.

What I hadn't done was to experiment exclusively with trans-time photography, with the sole purpose
of extracting trans-time images of the past from specific surroundings that had historically witnessed a lot of emotional past activity.

Photographs of Pompeii
With this in mind I decided to target an area and time period that is well-known in the annals of history for one single devastating event - its utter destruction through a cataclysmic event almost 2,000 years ago.

The ruins of Pompeii turned out to be a perfect selection. The entire city had been completely covered in the debris from the volcanic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, preserving the town under many feet of ash and cinders.

It lay undiscovered and forgotten for centuries and only fairly recently has a section of the remains been properly excavated. It is from video footage of these archeological remains that my raw material was sourced.

How I Photograph Images from the Far Past
Such images can be extracted from many materials, including wood, but the one which seem to store residual records most efficiently seem to be stone. 

My discoveries so far indicate that walls are the most reliable target from which to extract past records visually. Very old stone buildings and walls with old plaster still adhering have so far proved to be the perfect media for storage and subsequent retrieval of trans-time images.

Other people have experimented with the retrieval of sound, but as far as I'm aware nobody has extracted images of the past with any repeatable success.

The process of re-photographing video footage made at target sites provides the scenes from the past.

The Psychic Factor
At present there is no known system that will reliably extract images of the past from video footage in a mechanical way. I'm certain that this will be possible in the not too far distant future, but for now the only way I know in which to accomplish this is through the intervention of a psychic photographic medium such as myself.

As a psychic and a physical medium, I don't enter into trance or channel information for people. I do produce ectoplasm. My gift manifests most strongly when I take photographs. In the old-fashioned language of spiritualism, the veil parts for me, and I'm able to photograph interdimensionally.

Many of these photos contain real-time interactions with human spirits and other trans-dimensional 
entities. But they are perhaps even more special when they contain trans-time images - genuine photographic pictures of the past.

Extraction of Imagery
Once the images have been preserved on a photo the next task is to extract the visual data via editing 
techniques that have been designed to excavate through layers of imagery, isolating the clearest scenes and figures and revealing the details, sometimes minutely.

This editing method allows even very tiny details, such as the iris and pupil of a person's eye or a detail of jewelry they are wearing, to be revealed. The images are preserved in color, allowing a good approximation of the color palette at the time the original parent image data was stored.

Future Work in the Field of Trans-Time Photography
Over the course of the next few years I will be producing and releasing a variety of different books and documents about trans-time photography. I will be targeting interesting places and historical events in order to bring the most exciting and verifiable information to people.

I will also be attempting to teach other people how to retrieve these records and edit them out of the photographic images that they take for themselves. It's my belief that a certain percentage of people, like myself, will be able to retrieve such visual data photographically. 

This photographic evidence of images preserved from times long past may not provide proof, except on an individual and personal basis, but it will open up a brand new field of study that promises some absolutely thrilling results. Who wouldn't want to see the past?

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©Jane Tripp 2015

8 Alien Races Commonly Reported by Humans

8. Andromedans
These aliens are from 2.5 million light years away in the Andromeda Galaxy. There are many types or races of Andromedans. A race of humanoids that have similar features to us, but appear bald like. A race of 3 - 4 feet tall blue skinned humanoids with bald round heads and dark eyes. A master race of at least 7 - 9 ft tall winged humanoids.

7. Flatwoods Monster
They are at least 2.1 metres or 7ft tall, with a black body and a dark, glowing face. It’s head is elongated, shaped like a sideways diamond, and as having non-human eyes; a large, circular cowling appears behind the head. The creature's body is inhumanly-shaped and clad in a dark pleated exoskeleton. Some accounts record that these creatures appeare to have no visible arms. Others are reported to be long with stringy arms protruding from the front of its body, with long, claw-like fingers.

6. Greys
These beings are from the Zeta Reticuli star-system (allegedly the fourth planet of one of the stars of the Zeta Reticuli binary system).

Probably the most recognisable of aliens as they appear to be the type people describe when abducted and one is even featured in the animation “American Dad”. These are described as small-bodied sexless beings with smooth grey coloured skin, enlarged head and large black eyes.

5. Hopkinsville Goblin.
Named after a family that was terrorised by them in Hopkinsville, Kentucky in 1955.
Described as being about three feet tall, with upright pointed ears, thin limbs, long arms and claw-like hands or talons. The creatures are described as silvery in colour or wearing something metallic. They appear to walk with a swaying motion as though wading through water.

4. Nordic Aliens or Blondes.
The Nordics hail from various solar systems and star groups notably, the Pleiades, Aldebaran, Andromeda, and Sirius. Nordics are described as six to seven feet tall or about two meters tall with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and are commonly reported being male. Their skin is said to range from fair coloured to tan and they are sometimes reported to wear skin tight clothing.

3. Reptilians, Retoids or Lizard People.
Reptilians come from the Draco Star System. They are known to look like humans with a firm and  slender body and stand between 6 to 9 feet tall with very long arms and legs but are very muscular in comparison to the average human being. They have three long fingers and one thumb for each hand and their skin is very scaly with a dark green - brownish colour, similar to earths reptilian animals. Reptilians are known to have tails; however, recent reports have confirmed species with no tails.

2. Sirians.
Sirians are from Sirius, known as the Dog Star, is part of the constellation Canis Major. It lies 8.7 light years from Earth. They are dark skinned, have dark pronounced eyes and dark hair. They are basically an evolved version of dolphins and whales.

1. Men in Black [Aliens ?]
It is claimed they are government agents who harass or threaten UFO witnesses to keep them quiet about what they have seen. It is sometimes implied that they may be aliens with dark skin and/or exotic facial features. One description was that they are bald as an egg with no eyebrows or eyelashes and their skin is a dead white colour. Their noses are very small and come down to just above the upper lip and their mouths are perfectly straight and do not have what we call lips and they wear lipstick as some sort of decoy and their lips are ruby red and have the appearance of a clothing store dummy.