Below is a list of websites who are friends of all these sites come with my personal seal of approval and are friendly places where you will not be judged as a 'freak' for your abilities or interest in the paranormal field. Visit a few, or stick around here. I don't mind.
Psychic Dictionary is a great resource full of important texts and sacred documents related to the Psi and Paranormal fields. Whether you want to read about Atlantis or the creation stories of other cultures Psychic Dictionary is an awesome site.
The Psychic Investigations forum is the best psychic community on the internet where you can meet and chat with other people with psychic abilities. Come on down and join the discussion with me and the rest of the team.
If you have an interest in Tai Chi, meditation or Qi Gong then Energy Cultivation is a site you should definetly check out. Run by my friend Sifu Amin Jani the site focuses on how to control the flow of energy inside your body.
Lei Lei is a paranormal investigator and author. Her site Paranormal PI is filled with great blog posts about the paranormal, ghosts and spirits and her own experiences as a Psychic medium. One of my favorite "Para-sites" on the internet. 
When it comes to research regarding the latest UFO sightings around the world then I highly recommend or (UFONE) a huge resource dedicated to uncovering the latest news regarding UFO sightings and encounters as they happen.
Spell Hub serves as a community for all occult practitioners around the globe. With unique news and stories, daily divination, and other occult tools. It provides a safe, secure, and anonymous allowing practitioners to practice their craft in a friendly and welcoming environment.

If you have a blog or website that you would like me to add to this list then please contact me, either on Twitter @MarkMauvais on, or send me a message on the psychic investigations forum or astral project me or something. You'll find a way. I have faith in you.