How to READ MINDS Develop TELEPATHY Tutorial Lessons: Drawing Duplication Exercise

Even the wrong number of legs is right?!

I sense, mainly because you are here that you want to learn how to develop Telepathic abilities? That you are interested in seeing inside the minds of others. Telepathy, also known as thought transference,  is part of the spectrum of Extrasensory Perception, alongside Telekinesis, Clairvoyance and Precognition.

Telepathy or thought transference is the ability to 'read peoples minds' and know what they are thinking. This information can be interpreted visually or auditorily and can be very helpful in everyday life! A more basic form of this ability is 'Empathy' when a person who is able to easily recognize the feelings and emotional states of others and feel that kinesthetically feel that emotion for themselves.

In order to train your telepathic powers, and read peoples minds, you will need a friend to help you. Sit opposite each other at a table and take it in turns trying to send out and receive telepathic messages. One person will be a sender and the other a reciever. Take it in turn to draw a simple line drawing on a piece of papaer while the other has their back turned. Then when the drawing is complete the reciever must attempt to recreate the drawing. Reading this now it sounds difficult, almost impossible. But after you try you will be stunned how easy an exercise this actually is. Don't be afraid to be wrong. That is part of the learning process.

A telepathic connection is usually stronger between close friends and or family. Famously twins have a very strong telepathic bond and the psychic connection between mothers and their children can be just as strong. Some research shows that married couples who have been together for many years also demonstrate this kind of psychic skill.

Fret not! We all have the potential to develop this ability with the right training. If you check out my youtube channel, and the forums you will find many different methods used by me, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Nazir, Fade and many more!