What is a Seance? Speak to the Spirits of the Dead Communicate with the Other Side

What is a Seance? Well a seance is when a group of people usually led by a spirit medium or psychic directly channel or communicate with ghosts or spirits of those on 'the other side'.  Often a group will be seated around a table in a darkened environment and messages will be relayed from the spirits of the dead to the medium.

Seances became a popular pastime in the 19th century after the birth of the Spiritualism movement. Even the great President Lincoln hosted a seance at the White House along with his wife famous psychic Mary Todd Lincoln. Whether this was before or after the 'vampire slaying' I can only speculate. Lincoln later told how the Piano in the drawing room had begun to levitate off the ground during one of these Seances. Famous scientists of the age Guglielmo Marconi, Alexander Graham Bell and John Logie Baird were all convinced by what they witnessed at seances.

Honest Abe one of many famous people to take part in Seances

Many people go to a seance in the hope of communicating with a loved one who has passed away and there are many other types of miracles which can be performed at a Seance aside from the obvious communication with the dead. Other phenomenon that has been reported during seances include the materialization of objects, the levitation of either the table or the participants involved, spirit possession and physical touches from spirits.

Some mediums are fully conscious and awake while functioning as contacts between this side and the next while others may slip into an altered trance like state of consciousness. These 'trance-mediums' often state that, when they emerge from the trance state, they have no recollection of the messages they conveyed.
Even in the modern day Seances are still popular among paranormal investigators. I myself have taken part in a seance in a crypt at Oxford castle. The psychic I was working with on that day was able to relay information from the spirit world and one person even got hit in the face by a spirit!

Many people still perform Seances purely as a 'spooky' form of entertainment such as at Halloween parties or sleepovers. The use of a Ouija board can also be common if there is no spirit medium or psychic available. So you too could conduct your own bedroom seance with your friends! If you want to know exactly how to conduct a seance you will have to 'tune in' next week for the next installment of this topic to find out more.

Have you ever taken part in a seance? I would love to hear about your personal experiences.