Learn Telepathy Training Exercises and read peoples minds!

Many people ask me the question what is Telepathy? Is it possible to know what other people are thinking?How can I learn to read peoples minds? Telepathy is the ability to transfer thoughts with the mind of another person. This is a popular psychic power in fiction and is often deemed as supernatural or paranormal. But I can assure you: it is very real.

We know that Rhine and Zener were able to demonstrate the existence of this psychic phenomenon in the 1930s at Duke University. They demonstrated in their experiment that telepathic communication between two subjects was indeed possible.

In this article however we will be looking at different ways in which you can train your mind to be receptive to telepathic messages and images. Do you often lay in bed at night and can hear voices despite nobody being around? Do you finish other peoples sentences or just know what they are going to say? You may already have a telepathic gift.

A telepathic connection is usually stronger between close friends and or family. Famously twins have a very strong telepathic bond and the psychic connection between mothers and their children can be just as strong. Some research shows that married couples who have been together for many years also demonstrate this kind of psychic skill.

In order to train your telepathic powers, and read peoples minds, you will need a friend to help you. Sit opposite each other at a table and take it in turns trying to send out and receive telepathic messages. Look into the other persons eyes and just say every word  that comes into your head, don't be afraid to be wrong. That is part of the learning process. Often if you don't get what the other person is thinking they will tell you and you'll be all like "I thought of that but didn't say it!" so make sure you say everything you think of no matter how silly or unlikely you think it may be.

The original and best Telepathy training exercise.

However for me the classic Zener Test is the best way to train your mind to send and receive telepathic messages. If you haven't already got yourself a set of Zener cards then what kind of a psychic are you? Get a friend to think of one of the five shapes, circle, star, wavy lines, square or cross and try to listen to their internal dialogue. Raising your hands to your temples does seem to help...

If you would like to try an online version of the test and/or read more about the research done by J.B Rhine and Karl Zener then please follow this link: http://markmauvais.blogspot.co.uk/2013/04/the-zener-test.html