Chi is the vital life force that flows through all animate objects. It is a manifestation of your will and interal energies. Similar concepts can be found in almost all cultures of the world. In Japan it is called 'Ki', the Guru's of India call it 'Prana', the Hebrew word for it is 'Rauch' and the ancient Greeks knew it as 'Pneuma'. The ability to focus ones Chi, or Psi, is an important part of developing Psychic powers.

First one must enter a 'trance like state' there are many ways of inducing a state like this, the easiest being to stare at a lit candle, and as you watch the flame dancing you will find your self relaxing in mind and body. You must be relaxed and have good posture for Chi to flow correctly through your body.

When you are in a deep trance like state you must focus on the area known as the Dantian. In Chinese culture the Dantian is considered to be the center of Chi energy and is an important point of reference in neidan, qigong, neigong, tao yin, meditation, as well as in martial arts and in traditional Chinese medicine.

Focus all of your energy in the lower Dantian. Draw Chi from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Build it all up in the lower Dantian and feel it swirling around inside your body. Its interesting that Indian system of 'Chakras' and the Chinese idea about dantians has such a large over lap. Note that all three dantians, have corresponding 'chakras'. The upper dantian is comparable to the Anja Chakra, which is found behind the psychic third eye, the middle dantian is like the Anahata Chakra, which is found near the Heart and the lower dantian which is the same at the Muladhara or the root chakra. 

It can be helpful to visualize your chi as a ball of white energetic light. When you have manifested all of your energy in the lower dantian, or the the root chakra then you must allow your chi to flow from here to the middle dantian. When it reaches the middle dantian you must double the size of the ball. You see that multiplication is a subconscious act and if you imagine an increase in your chi then it will be so. Finally move the ball of energy into your minds eye, or the upper dantian. Again double the ball in size.

Now imagine that there is an invisible force connecting your psychic third eye with your lower dantian. Allow your ball of Chi energy to flow back down to the root chakra and form a psychic loop. Now no chi can escape, and you are able to repeat the process over and over. Swirling the chi through your body, multiplying its power time after time until you are ready to release it on an unsuspecting object.