Astral Projection How to Astral Travel and the Ashakic Record

In recent weeks many people have been sending me questions about astral projection, what is astral projection and how can we project ourselves into the astral plane. The notion of Astral travel is that it is possible to separate the astral body, spirit, or soul or whatever you want to call it from the physical body and travel any where across space and time.

In modern society we associate this with out-of-body experiences (OBE) and near death experiences. We've all heard stories about people who were in hospital and felt themselves leave their physical bodies and found themselves looking down on themselves in third person. This kind of phenomena has been proved to exist.

The Stamford Research Institute did experiments of this kind with Ingo Swann, Uri Geller and the like for decades. We also know from our research into Edgar Cayce, The Order of the Golden Dawn and Madame Blavatsky that they used this method of Astral Travel to visit what the Hindus and Tibetan monks call the Ashakic Record.

Its a phenomenon that has been recorded in cultures all around the world, from Ancient Egypt, India, the far east; China and Japan, to Eskimos and Native Americans. The Japanese describe it as "a manifestation of the soul of a living person separately from their body." Which I feel sums the whole idea up nicely.
But how to do Astral Travel? Well we know that these kinds of experiences can be induced through sleep and dreams, illness, surgical operations, drug experiences, trance work, sleep paralysis, hypnosis and forms of meditation. We also know that Cayce, Nostradamus, Blavatsky, the Tibetan Monks Ingo Swann and the remote viewing research team at SRI used meditation and trance work to induce this state.

SRI ploughed millions of dollars of into Psychic Research for over twenty years

I have tried to Astral Travel in the past and have done many remote viewing exercises. The problem with these though, is that while i am able to produce detailed accounts of the things I saw in these astral visions it is difficult to rate the accuracy of my results.

I have proposed a simple experiment to test whether Astral Projection is possible.

A group of volunteers will meet up in a set location in the Astral World. Every person involved will bring one item with them. It doesn't have to be something they own, its the astral world, they can bring whatever they like. If they can visualize it then they can bring it. The next day the group will report any feelings or ideas that they picked up from the night before.

All participants before beginning should do this exercise:
1. Sit with your back straight and your hands face up in your lap.
2. Breathe in a Pranayama style: breathe with your diaphragm rather than your lungs.
3. Relax your facial muscles and jaw, let your mouth hang open.
4. Visualize a bright white light surrounding your heart
5. Visualize this white light getting bigger and bigger until it engulfs your entire body and forms a protection white light shield around you. Allow its warmth to engulf your entire body, from head to toe. 
6. Imagine a staircase in front of you and visualize your astral body walking up those stairs while your physical body remains in place.
7. Focus on the days location. Observe everything, all detail. Look around and use all seven senses.

I would suggest doing this just before going to bed. Don't worry if you fall asleep while doing this. Lucid dreaming and sleeping have been shown to be useful in Astral Projection and allowing your subconscious to think further on the experience can only be a good thing.

Be sure to take notes on what you have seen in the morning.

Information about the running and results of this experiment can be found here: Astral Projection Experiment