How to Meet your Spirit Guide and Spirit Animal Meditation Hypnosis

How to meet your spirit guide with Hypnosis

Many people have asked me "what is a spirit guide?" and "how do i discover my spirit guide?" which are both excellent questions if you too are learning to harness and develop your own inner psychic powers. A spirit guide acts as a medium between you and 'the other side' in much the same way as a Ouija board, pendulum or dowsing rods can be used to relay information from spirits. Rather than using a physical tool a Psychic or medium who is in contact with a spirit guide can receive clairvoyant messages at any time.

Many mediums and psychics describe their spirit guide as an entity or spirit which acts as a guide or protector over their soul. A spirit guide can take many forms and is unique to each individual. Your spirit guide could be an old family member who has passed away, a significant figure from history such as Abraham Lincoln or Pythagoras, theres nothing that says your spirit guide even has to be human! The notion of spirit guides are not something new its a phenomena that has been recorded across many cultures and times. The Native Americans, Chinese and Egyptians all have examples of spirit beings and mystical guides in their folk lore. 

The Native Americans for example would embark on a spiritual journey known as a 'Vision Quest' where a teenager or someone approaching 'manhood' would enter the woods and be deprived of food and water in an attempt to achieve an altered state of consciousness in order to encounter and interact with the spirit world. In the case of Native Americans this spirit guide or totem would usually come in the form of an animal, known as a Power Animal. Each power animal guide has a different skill and representing different supernatural abilities which would then be transferred to you, so you could be strong and powerful like a bear or cunning like a fox.  

Often a medicine man or shaman would use hallucinogenic drugs such as mescal, peyote cactus, thorn apple, psilocybin mushroom, green tobacco, jimsonweed and devil's weed to achieve these spirit visions. This again is a common experience in the ancient world, of 'tripping balls' and 'becoming a man'. I have a way that you can meet you spirit guide, a way for you to discover your spirit guide in a way which isn't harmful to your brain, you can meet your spirit guardian without having to take illegal drugs or starving yourself in a field somewhere. We know through our studies that achieving these kinds of altered states can be achieved through a number of methods. Clairvoyant visions can occur in meditation, prayer, lucid dreaming and even hypnosis. 

Please try the guided meditation / hypnosis session at the top of the page and you too can discover your spirit guide. I would love to hear about your experience? Did it work for you? What form did your spirit guide take? Please head over to the forum and join in the discussion: