Remote Viewing Experiment Results

The first target of this Remote Viewing experiment was at


And here is the moment you've all been waiting for: the big reveal. The target location was in fact a famous building located in the nation of Italy. The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

So now lets break down how everybody did in this RV experiment. I asked each of you to

Superbabilion drew an image of a circle with four 'loop' like shapes coming from it. We could assume that this is a birds eye view of the tower of Pisa and the 'loops' could represent the different shadows cast by the landmark throughout the day.

After meditating on the target Matthias described the target location as "heavy, high, gain, angled or acute, stone, beautiful" These are all very accurate descriptions of the appearance of the tower and he scores highly for this. He then he later added an image of Die Glocke or the Nazi Bell and what looked like a metal 'henge'. The henge in particular resembles the different layers or floors of the tower and has to be worth a cheeky bonus.

Looks a bit like the layers in the tower

Brother Aeres of the secret remote viewing location "3 lights/circles...that part near "Off White" says "Grey", not "Greg". "Round/Smooth" "Trees?" and his picture also included the words metal bars. He too identified a number of key elements about the tower, describing its shape, texture and colour with a degree of accuracy.

Nazir said Tanks, Russia, Field, Ships, Ocean, green, grey, blue, white, and construction. He did clearly specify that the main feeling he got from the experiment was that the target was a construction rather than a natural phenomenon and of course he was right! He also drew a picture of a compass pointing north and Italy is definitely north of Carucao.

Despite all the detail from the other guys for me the winner has to be our friend Astro Solsin who drew a picture of a clock tower. The rest of his details were quite off but I mean come on he drew a damn tower and the target was a tower! What more can you really ask for?

To be fair everybody did really well and I feel that between you all you were able to describe the target location in a great amount of detail. I think that as a team your abilities worked well together and we were successful in Psychically spying on this occasion. I am very proud of the guys and the results. If you would like to take part in one of the many psychic experiments we run at Psychic Investigations please head over to the forum and sign up!

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