ALIENS: Do Aliens Exist? Are there little green men in outer space?

I have a question for you: alien's do they exist? Is there life out there in the universe, intelligent or otherwise?

An Alien, apparently.

It would be fair to say that opinion on the subject is divided. There are those who argue that the Earth is the only place in the universe that supports life whilst at the other end of the spectrum we find people who claim to have been abducted by UFOs, personally met alien beings and even had their anus investigated by them! Of course, there are people between these two extremes. The "alien agnostics" are open to the idea of extraterrestrial life but are equally open to the notion if Earth being the universes only bastion of life.

It is my personal opinion that aliens must exist. When you look at the sky at night, those millions of stars you see are a mere fraction of the number out there, I mean those are just the ones visible from the dark side of the Earth. Each one of those tiny dots of light are suns in their own right, each with their own planets orbiting them. I look out there, and to me, the vastness of space, the possibly infinite number of potential habitats it seems incomprehensible that we are alone.

Here on Earth for example we have discovered countless numbers of species living in conditions we would have considered inhospitable. The freezing polar ice caps, the immense pressure at the bottom of the ocean, in fact you can go right down into the deepest darkest arsehole of the world and you will still find some thing living down there that has adapted to those conditions.

You name a habitat on Earth, we've got something living there.

"Aha!" they retort, that's here OK Earth though, where conditions for life are perfect. The Earth falls in what scientists call the 'Goldilocks Zone'. So called because it is not too hot and not too cold like the proverbial porridge. this ideal temperature allows for the existence of liquid water. We know there are planets, even moons that home liquid and I see no reason why these could not also home life. But whats to say that life didn't evolve to suit this environment? Perhaps under different conditions organisms would find different solutions to problems that don't exist here on Earth.

Kepler 22B has been earmarked by NASA as 'Earth like'

We could debate whether there are intelligent life forms out there in the universe. Although Id' want to define 'intelligent' and I'm not so sure if humanity should be considered a good measure of intelligence. Of course there is simple life out there in the universe, think about it. I bet there are whole ecosystems, with alien trees and alien fish and little alien insects, and alien molds and fungus.

Not one single microbe in the whole of space? to me, seems simply absurd.