How to do AUTOMATIC WRITING and the DANGER involved.

Automatic Writing allows you communication with the dead.

I made a post about scrying the other day as a method for seeing the future. When I use scrying I simultaneously use Automatic writing or Spirit Writing as a way to translate the images I see. So what is Automatic writing? and how to do Automatic writing?

Automatic writing is a clairvoyant psychic ability which can be used to divine information or receive messages from the spirits of the dead.

A psychic or medium enters a deep trance like state of consciousness and allows the arm and hand to be controlled by psychic forces outside of the body. The hand will begin scrawling messages of its own volition, as the spirit writes through you as it takes control over your body. The messages relayed are often from outside of the psychics own sphere of knowledge.

The messages can be varied and from many different sources. You can receive information from any time, from spirits of the past, or discover new information about the living. Automatic writing can also provide warnings and prophecies regarding the future. It has even been used to interpret messages from other planets!

Many people worry about the risks and dangers associated with this form of spirit communication as it involves channeling the spirits of the dead. Channeling is in a sense a form of possession, where you allow a spirit or entity access and control over your body. Like when using the Ouija board you have to be careful who are inviting into your home and more importantly control over your body. Nobody wants to become possessed by an evil spirit demon. There are a few simple actions you can take to reduce the risk of this happening.

Before you begin you should form a circle around you, ideally a white circle made of salt but anything will work. If you are doing this in your bedroom even a circle of dirty laundry will work. This locks the spirits in a confined space and stops them escaping into the physical world. Also you should avoid summoning spirits with a lower negative vibration energy. These are usually the more evil sort and are best to be avoided. If you are a person who has a spirit guide you may be best just channeling them!

When you try Automatic writing for yourself don't worry too much about the content of the messages you receive. Focus on letting your hand become controlled by outside forces. This process of letting go is often the most difficult part for those doing Automatic writing for the first time.