How to Dream the Future - Precognitive Lucid Dreams

Many people have been asking me how to lucid dream and how to dream the future...

I have been reading An Experiment with Time by J. W. Dunne. An aeronautical engineer by trade Dunne first became interested in dreams and time because he would occasionally have precognitive dreams about major disasters which would later occur. Intrigued, Dunne proposed an experiment that anyone can do, you record your dreams over a set period and then look for corresponding news stories within 2-3 days.

So today I bought a new notebook and shall begin writing a dream diary. Dream diaries  are often used in the study of dreams and psychology. Many people tell me that they don't dream or that they struggle to recall what happened almost immediately after waking. If that sounds like you then you will be pleased to hear that keeping a dream diary is a useful catalyst for remembering dreams. It will also help you to recognize dreams while you are asleep, the key of how to lucid dream. Once you are able to become conscious in the dream world you are free to do whatever you want.

Dunne himself found a very high success rate when he tried this. A high percentage of his predictions and prophecies would could true. He proposed that our experience of time as linear is an illusion of human consciousness, and that in dreams our subconscious has simultaneous access to information in the past, present and future.  This doesn't surprise me, there is countless accounts of anecdotal evidence to support the theory of Precognitive dreaming.

There is a man in Scotland by the name of Chris Robinson, (you may have seen him on Stan Lee's Super-humans)  who uses this method of Lucid dreaming to accurately predict the future. Whilst in the dream state he observes what he can see and records his findings. This is what I shall try to replicate.

I shall run this experiment for the next 28 days.