What does this dream mean?

When I went to bed last night I cheekily thought to myself "I'll look out for some lottery numbers while Lucid dreaming tonight". After all if my theory is correct I should be able to use lucid dreaming for clairvoyance and precognition.

I hope and pray however that last nights dream was not one of the prophetic variety. The events that I saw were not something I would wish on anyone and I really hope this one is wrong. I have recently started keeping a dream diary as an experiment. I woke up this morning with just two fragments of the dream and immediately wrote them down.

The first image was of a woman leaning over to pick something up, perhaps a hat or shoe, before being decapitated by a fast moving vehicle, either a car or a train. I tried to shout to her to get out of the way but it was very noisy. There was lots of blood and needless to say the poor woman died. I distinctly remember the feeling or revulsion in my stomach the moment it happened. The second part was of a lilac colored piece of fabric, like a scarf or a sarong gracefully falling to the ground.

What does my dream mean? How are the two linked? Is my dream precognitive?- No idea.