Highly Advanced Telekinesis Long Distance FORCE PUSH Exercise

Telekinesis Long Range Force Blast

In this advanced Telekinesis demonstration I will show you a simple technique you can use to increase the range of your psychokinetic ability and achieve the force push and force pull over a greater distance of space (and potentially time). Psychokinesis (PK) or Telekinesis (TK) is the ability to interact with matter using the power of the mind. 

This video shows me demonstrating the Telekinetic force push (like a Jedi or Sith Lord) from a distance of ten paces, with each pace being a length of somewhere between a yard and a meter. If you have already completed Lesson 2 you should be able to do this at a distance of 1 metre. This is a simple training exercise for those who are already passed 'paperweight' and have moved onto 'heavy metals'. Begin at 5 paces and take one pace backwards every time you succeed. I was actually able to perform the Telekinesis force push from twenty paces however the zoom on the camera wasn't really good enough to show that.

Please never use this ability or any Telekinetic psi powers on other humans or animals. That's against the rules. If we have learned anything from the likes of Andrew Detmer in Chronicle and Carrie it is that using your powers on people always ends badly. 

Use your psychic powers responsibly.