New Team Member: Essa Love

Essa Love new Telekinesis Video

It is with great pleasure that we at Psychic Investigations are able to introduce you to our newest energy practitioner and my good friend: Essa Love. 

Essa came to me looking for advice on Telekinesis and developing other extrasensory abilities such as Telepathy and Clairvoyance on the forums after watching my psychic videos on youtube. It is very rewarding to see how her psi ability has grown in that time and it is an honour for me to introduce her to all of you. She will be teaching us some telekinesis techniques as well as some Chinese language on this channel, which is most exciting.

Do crystals increase your psychic power?

In this video Essa demonstrates the basic psychokinesis force push on a candle and then examines the effects of holding a crystal during this training exercise. Crystals are known to be excellent conduits of psychic energy. Will the crystal increase the power of Essa's force push?

If you want to contact sister Essa or me, Mark Mauvais then please head over to the forums where we both hang out along with Dani Gomez.