How to Talk to the Dead Lesson Tutorial Explained

How to communicate with the Spirit world

If you are reading this article then you have an interest in talking with the dead. Maybe you have lost a member of your family, or maybe your house is haunted and you're all like "how do I talk to a ghost". Hopefully this article on communicating with the dead ghost spirits will answer your questions.

Mediumship is an ability often associated with the occult, black magic and witchcraft. It is often cited as one if the most dangerous paranormal supernatural psychic abilities due to its close connection and communication with the dead.

Mediumship, or channeling, is the practice of certain people—known as mediums—to purportedly mediate communication between spirits of the dead and other human beings. Therefore mediumship could be defined as a communication with the deceased for the purpose of divining information, foretelling the future or discovering hidden knowledge.

We have discussed the idea of communicating a with the spirit world and summoning ghosts many times here on the blog and in more depth on the forum. In this video however we shall look at the specifics of how you can use a pendulum to communicate with ghosts and spirits. The pendulum is an impressive mediumship tool which allows you to ask 'yes' or 'no' questions. To see how this works please watch the video.

Mediumship, summoning and channeling should not be taken lightly. If you want to learn how to do necromancy then I recommend you examine your motives for wanting to learn this psychic ability. Black magic and the dark arts are not for playing around with. Necromancy is only for the strong of mind and pure of heart. If your intentions are impure the spirits will know and any attempt by you to manipulate them or control them will end up with misfortune for you.

Many people worry about the risks and dangers associated with this form of spirit communication as it involves channeling the spirits of the dead. Channeling is in a sense a form of possession, where you allow a spirit or entity access and control over your body. Like when using the Ouija board you have to be careful who are inviting into your home and more importantly control over your body. Nobody wants to become possessed by an evil spirit demon.