Psychic Nature vs Nurture: Could there be a Psychic Gene? ESP IN DNA?

Does Psychic ability spread genetically?

One subject that interests me so is the debate around the question is psychic ability passed on genetically or is it a skill which can be learned. Is Extrasensory ability a result of nature or nurture? The wider question here of nature vs nurture is one that has divided the scientific community over the years, not only in Parapsychology but in all areas of psychology. 

There are many people out there for whom psychic power is a gift, something they have an innate ability with. These people can naturally intuitive, have vivid dream experiences and could have empathic abilities. Some people in this category may be using precognitive abilities without even noticing because it is something so natural for them. Deja Vu. When a person is born with these types of skills we call them 'Indigo Children'.

The ability to perceive information better would be a strong survival tool. We've all had sixth sense experiences, like where we have thought "move" and as a result missed a potentially dangerous moment, maybe moving out the way of a falling object or crazy driver on the road. You can see how those without this precognitive ability would be more likely to die right? and how the DNA containing these Extrasensory abilities would allow that chromosome to be passed on into future generations.

This could demonstrate that Psychic ability is often passed down genetically through the mother and father. In almost 80% of the psychics, clairvoyants and mediums I deal with say that there have been psychics in their families before them, and that their abilities were supported by their parents during their teenage years.

For me though that raises an interesting question: could it not be the environment that creates psychics? I mean if your parents and grandparents have psychic abilities then you will grow up in that environment, that you will see crystal balls or tarot cards around the place and that your daily experiences while growing up could be the cause of this psychic phenomena.

And then there is me. I used the Psychic Investigations model to develop my psychic abilities. There is no psychic link in my family and yet after studying the methods of the great psychics, your Nina Kulagina, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and the like I have been able to replicate their Extrasensory abilities using the same methods: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance and much more!! 

So surely this demonstrates that Psychic power can be also learned, right? ... that you can work hard, train, and you too can develop your psychic power. That we have to take lessons and slowly learn step by step how to do these things. 

There are Psychic training exercises that you can do, my youtube channel has many examples of the kind of things you can do if you want to learn to control your psychic power. I believe that we all have the potential to unlock these kinds of psychical powers and that while being born into a family unit with a strong psychic history may give you an environmental advantage anyone can learn to develop their psychic power. 

Not all of us were lucky enough to be born into this 'culture'.

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