How to have a Happy Life: Karma and the Laws of Attraction Explained

We are all made of star stuff. 

Lets face it we are just all just an individual collection of atoms, we are all made of the same stuff, and our lives are so short. Nothing is more important that the quest for a happy life. We are going to look at a technique for how to have a happy life. This method will explain how to attract goodness and make good things happen.

In the Eastern religions, Hinduism and Buddhism they have a concept known as Karma. What is karma? The simplistic answer is that if you do good things the universe will reward you and those who do bad will suffer negative consequences. Yet we know this not to be entirely true because bad things happen to good people  too.

The long answer is that its not as simple as that.  The system isn't as dogmatic as that.

If your a good person who spends his time helping people, caring for others, respectful of the earth, sharing and being kind then you will attract other people like that into your life. Having people like that in your life will only improve your existence. Those are the kind of friends you want right? If you share the things you have with your friends then they will share with you.

If you raise your children properly and bring them up in a loving home, teach them how to behave and how to treat others then they will benefit from your good karma. They will attract good things into your life too.
A bad person, who steals to buy drugs would be a bad friend. Imagine what his friends must be like... crack dealers never make good friends. I wouldn't let a crack dealer into my house! People like that only bring pain, suffering and misery into your life. If you  are a criminal then you will attract other criminals and bad things will happen to you.

Its not because of some mystic concept of karma but rather just a results of your focus and the situation you find yourself in. If you are a bad guy you're not going to attract the right kind of people into your life. How is a guy who gets drunk and starts fights in bar going to connect with a kind woman who works in a soup kitchen? Hes going to hang round with other drunkards in the pub who encourage that bad behavior. You wont meet people who are going to help improve your life by being a dick.

What can we learn from Crows?

Always when you judge another person you must turn your finger on yourself and ask the question "Am I guilty of this?". There was a study which followed the behavior of crows. They found that some crows would steal food from the other crows nests. What they would do is watch where another crow hid some food and then when the coast was clear they'd go and steal it. The interesting thing is that the crows who did the stealing, when they hid their food if another crow was watching they would move it afterwards. What does this mean? That the thief suspects theft. 

Have you ever lost something and thought "maybe somebody stole it?" What does that say about you?

Sometimes you'll fall out with someone in your life, you'll look at them and think to yourself "she's not talking to me" or "why didn't they invite me" you must look at yourself and think well what am I doing? You're not talking to that person either. Why does that person have to go first? I always say be the cause of your life not an effect in someone else's. 

Don't you see? We are more than just an individual collection of atoms, we are all made of the same stuff, and we all share the same planet, we are all part of the interconnectness of everything. All effects have causes, Dad gets told off at work so hes angry, then he complains about dinner and Mom gets angry then she shouts at the kid for not doing the homework and the kid stomps upstairs and kicks the cat.

Be a good guy and good stuff will happen to you. Your life will be filled with goodness.