Investigating Psychic Yogis: Achieve Siddhi Conscioussness and UNLOCK PSYCHIC POWERS

Here in the West, J.B. Rhine and Karl Zener demonstrated the existence of Extrasensory Perception in the 1930s under laboratory conditions. However in the East, the gurus and mystics in far off lands such as India and China have possessed this knowledge for over a  thousand years.

The Psychic Investigations model requires that we study the processes and methods used by those who can demonstrate Psychical abilities. Whilst India was under British rule stories would flood back to England of these wise men in loin cloths with 'special abilities' such as levitation, clairvoyance and telekinesis. For hundreds of years these tales were told and the mystics gained great fame.

These mystical Yogis would meditate all day, for weeks, months, and even years in the forests or in the mountains, all in the quest to achieve what they called 'Siddhi Consciousness' or 'Siddhi Awareness'. Once this state was achieved the Yogis were able to demonstrate these extrasensory abilities. So, what is Siddhi Consciousness? How do I achieve Siddhi Consciousness? All great questions. 

I think the answer lies in China. You see there is an incredible over lap in what the Indian and Chinese cultures believe about how the body works. For example Prana, the Indian word for internal energy or life force, is the same concept as the Chinese notion of Chi. An energy which flows through your Chakras (Indian) or Dantiens (Chinese) and can be harnessed through exercise and meditation. Whilst the Indians practice meditation to achieve this 'Siddhi Consciousness' the Chinese do it in the quest for Enlightenment. Could these two be the same thing? 

Siddhi Consciousness is when all your energies are balanced and pure, when your third eye chakra has been fully opened and you are able to channel your energy in a way which allows you access to a higher realm of knowledge. You will be able to sense things you could not before, be in tune with the life force, know things you could not know and move matter with your mind.

The Gurus used Yoga as a way to meditate and regulate their energy flow. The positions they used in their exercises would unlock any issues and allow the Prana to flow freely through their body. The way in which you position your body has a direct effect on your brain chemistry and ergo your biological responses. 

The Chinese use an exercise known as Qi Gong. This exercise is still practiced many millions of people in China who report great health benefits as well as spiritual ones. Qi Gong teaches you how to direct your psychic energy around your body using non strenuous exercise. Its very similar to Kung Fu or Tai Chi in a physical sense, yet like Yoga and mediation in a more esoteric way, both relaxing and spiritually rewarding.

My personal experience with Qi Gong has been very positive. I picked up a few moves from the great Ken Cohen and I use them daily in my routine. Qi Gong really helps with directing your energy before the release part in 'How to Develop Telekinesis: Lesson Two' where you actually knock over the target object. I know many of you have been struggling with the release part so I would suggest you practice some Qi Gong until you understand how to move the energy around in your body.

Please try this and leave a comment about how it made you feel!

On studying the Yogi phenomenon and the quest to achieve Siddhi consciousness I was reminded once again that meditation is an absolutey most important part of developing your mental abilities. Time and time again, each case we look at Meditation is a common denominator, from Edgar Cayces trance like visions, to Nostradamus scrying in a water bowl.