How to be Lucky in love and win at life. Good Luck Superstitions

How to be Lucky

What is luck? Are some people luckier than others? How lucky can you get? How can I increase luck in my life?

We all know someone in our lives for who luck seems to come naturally. Good job, good money, nice wife and children and then at the other end of the spectrum there seem to be some people who never win anything, are clumsy and suffer with chronic bad luck.

What are the ways that you can improve luck in your everyday lives? There are a number if different good luck charms and superstitions which you can use to your advantage. Some common examples of good luck charms include a four leaf clover, a horse shoe and a rabbits foot. An item doesn't need to be special though, anything can be lucky for you. Some people even have lucky pants! Do you have a lucky object? Or know of some that I've missed?

Lucky rabbit foot, unlucky rabbit.

It would probably be wise, if you are trying to increase your luck, to avoid things believed to be unlucky. Famous bad luck superstitions include: walking under ladders, black cats, opening an umbrella in the house and breaking a mirror. Break a mirror and you will be cursed with seven years of bad luck.

Broken mirror = 7 years bad sex according to some.

If you are serious about improving your luck in life and you're not afraid of the occult then you could try a simple good luck spell. Magick spells are not a specialty of mine so I've included a link: Good Luck Spell

So is luck real? Or does the belief in luck give you the confidence to perform better on the day. Personally I believe that luck is about taking your opportunities in life. The more opportunities you create for yourself to have a good time the more good times you will have. If you enter a competition 100 times your more likely to win right? Create opportunity and the universe will reward you.
I'll leave you with my favorite quote on the subject of luck. Ancient Roman philosopher Seneca said "Luck is when preparation meets opportunity" and I have to agree.