The Truth about HALLOWEEN Occult and Pagan Origins

The truth about Halloween, its dark history rooted in pagan and occultist origins and why Halloween is about much more than just dressing up as Frankenstein's monster and getting candy from your neighbors.

Halloween is considered by many in the psychic and magick spheres as the most important day if the year. Why is Halloween so important? To find out we have to look into the origins of Halloween.When most people think of Halloween, October 31st, they tend to think of images such as jack'o'lanterns, ghosts, witches, haunted houses and many more. But is Halloween really to do with occult?

Is Halloween really an occult or pagan celebration?

It seems anything to do with paganism is branded occultist! The fact is the word Halloween comes from the phrase "all Hallows eve" and actually refers to the day before "all saints day", November 1st, which is a Christian holy day. Wait. What? I thought you said it was pagan? Right. Halloween, like so many other pagan holidays was rebranded by the catholic church. Christmas for example is just the Roman pagan celebration of Saturnalia with Jesus pasted on the top. Christianity isn't the only religion guilty of this, Ramadan predated Islam and is actually a moon worshiping pagan celebration.

So why did the pagans celebrate Halloween? What did Halloween mean to the ancients?

Ancient peoples believed that the "door" between our three dimensional world and the spirit world was at its weakest on October 31st and this meant that spirits, ghosts and demons were able to cross over into our dimension with more ease than usual. This in turn meant any magickal spells, enchantments, curses or hexes would be more powerful. This is why Halloween is such an important day in the psi, pagan and occult calendar.

With the barrier between worlds at its weakest, and spirit energy floating all around the place ancient pagans developed strategies for dealing with this, ways of protecting themselves and their families from the darker more unpleasant forces. They would perform rituals around a bonfire and wear scary masks in order to scare away any evil spirits or unwanted entities. This is why people dress up at Halloween. What about trick or treating though? Where does trick or treating come from? Well remember those bonfires we spoke about? People would go round the village or town knocking on doors asking for wood to be donated to the town fire, to protect the whole town from evil spirits. Eventually wood was replaced by fruit and nuts and now sweets, or candy if you're American.

So of you're going out trick or treating, or know someone who is then beware. Forget bullies and robbers. Keep your eyes open and your ears peeled for visitors from the spirit world.