#1 The Mark Mauvais Show: Sifu Amin Jani CHI ENERGY FLOW AND QI GONG EXE...

In this weeks episode we are going to be looking at Chi, Energy Flow and Qi Gong. The guest is a good friend of mine Sifu Amin Jani, an American tai chi kung fu teacher. Together we will look at a range of topics around the area of energy manipulation and how you can benefit from Qi Gong in developing your psychic abilities!

Chi: the circulating life force whose existence and properties are the basis of much Chinese philosophy and medicine.

Sifu Amin Jani wearing some kind of weird coat?

I'm always one to help spread the word about psi and psi phenomena and help the psi community in any way that I can. So i am proud to be able to share with you guys a cool site run by my friend Sifu Amin Jani.

The site is busting with information about eastern philosophy and practices, exploring ideas about ancient martial arts, the benefits of yoga, tai chi, qi gong and meditations. Real mind body and soul stuff. If you are interested in learning how to control your chi and manipulate the flow of energy through your body then energy-cultivation.com is must see site.