Magnetokinesis: Make yourself Magnetic Psychic Super Power

Magnetic Powers like Magneto or Miroslaw Magola

We know that electricity and magnetism are intrinsically linked. That wherever electricity flows as a current a magnetic field is emitted. We've all seen that classic experiment with the iron filings...

We also know the human body contains electricity. That the central nervous system communicates with nerve endings / the spinal column and the brain using a series of electrical impulses. In the brain synapses fire little bursts of electricity to create chains of ideas. In medicine we always see on TV doctors or paramedics using the defibrillator, which sends a jolt of electrical energy through the body.

There is no doubt that Electricity flows through the body at all times.

The real question here is can we control this bio electricity? And can we use this to create our own magnetic fields? I put it to you that the answer is yes. There are many examples of people with this gift around the world, the most famous being my new friend Miroslaw Magola. Miroslaw featured on hit American TV show "Stan Lee's Superhumans" demonstrating his ability to stick metal objects to his body using bio magnetism. He's also had a few run ins with Mr. Randi (boo hiss!).

By focusing ones Psi/Chi in the right location it is possible to magnetize an area of your body to which metal objects will stick. This method requires an understanding of this technique for directing your psychic energy: The ability to focus and channel your psychic energy is crucial if you are interested in developing your psychic abilities.