How to Lucid Dream Control your Dreams and Manipulate your Dreaming Experience

In a Lucid dream you are no longer bound by the laws of space or time.

Have you ever wondered How to Lucid Dream? Ever wished that you were able to control or manipulate your dreams? We have found that Lucid dreaming is an ideal place to train your psychic powers as you are not restricted by the laws of time and space. However, Lucid dreaming is not just for those with psychic abilities. Its something we can all do, and something I would strongly suggest as it is one of the most fun and enjoyable, life changing experiences you can have.

For me, the most important thing about lucid dreaming is that you, the dreamer, must be able to distinguish between being awake and being in the dream state. 

We've all had experiences where we've awoken from a dream and felt "that was so real" or later in the day have been unable to decide whether something you experienced was real or in that dream state. I have in the past woken up from a dream, in which my wife has been horrid to me and I have felt actual anger towards her lying there sleeping because the dream I just had felt so realistic, conversely sometimes I hear my phone alarm go off during the day and think "I better not be asleep right now!"

So how do you know if you are dreaming? Well the cliched method is to pinch oneself. The logic being that in the dream world you won't experience the physical pain that you would whilst being awake. However how do you remember to check whether your in a dream state whilst you are dreaming. If your subconscious mind is in control of what you are seeing, hearing, sensing and thinking how can you control that consciously?

Obviously the key is to make this process of testing whether you are awake into a subconscious one. There are countless things we do subconsciously without even realizing, both in the dream state and whilst awake, things such as breathing, regulating heart rate, or digestion. If you are able to make it so that you subconsciously check which reality you are experiencing every so often, eventually you will find yourself doing this in a dream state.

And what an eye opener it is the first time it happens to you. The moment you become conscious in a dream state for the first time is incredible, its literally like being god. You are able to manipulate your physical environment, you can fly, you can transform, anybody you want can be there and you can do whatever you want, however you want. If you can imagine it you can do it. What could be more kick ass than that?