A Brief History of Remote Viewing and Psychic Spies

The government is spying on you, Psychically.

What do we know about Remote viewing? How do you learn to remote view? What actually is remote viewing?

Remote viewing or (RV) is the psychical ability to perceive detailed information about a distant or unseen target using the sixth sense, or extra-sensory perception. This technique can be used to divine information  about an object, event, person or location that would otherwise be inaccessible. 

With the cold war raging the U.S government was invested some $20 million into researching this psychic ability, hoping to achieve a strategic military advantage over the soviets. Imagine it, a human radar that can describe distant targets in enemy territory...

The Americans were after all some distance behind the soviets in applying psychic ability to warfare. The Russians of course had famous telekinetic Nina Kulagina, they had developed psychotronic weapons, were attempting to control poltergeist activity and reportedly recovered alien technology. By the time the U.S started "Project Stargate" they had some serious catching up to do.

So what is Project Stargate? 

And so research began at the famous Stamford Research Institute under professors Russell Targ and Hal Putoff. They intact coined the phrase remote viewing. They were able to demonstrate much success with the phenomena and the government continued to invest heavily in the research. S.R.I has since become a leading center in psychical research working with some of the greats such as Uri Geller and the late Ingo Swann. 

Examples of confirmed future targets that have been sensed by Stargate remote viewers include The predicted release of a hostage in the Middle East and a correct description of the medical problem precipitating his release. An attack on an American warship, including the location, the method, and the motive and most famously the predicted launch date for a newly constructed Soviet submarine along with this well known drawing of a giant crane, later found at said Russian base.

Since the 1970s countless experiments had been undertaken to demonstrate the power of remote viewing. It's a real phenomenon with over thirty years worth of data to back up its existence.