Top 10 Most Famous Alien & UFO Encounters

Without a shadow of doubt Alien life does exist out there in the universe. When you pause to consider the sheer size of the known universe, that which we cannot see, and any number of possible multi-verses it seems absurd to think that our little blue ball is the only place in existence where life exists. The notion that there isn't a single tree or fish anyway in the universe is just mental.

Are UFOs real? Well we know, by definition, that UFOs exist. A UFO is an acronym which stands for “unidentified flying object”, so any strange light or mysterious object which you see in the sky that you cannot explain is indeed a UFO. People ask the question do UFOs exist but the real question is have intelligent aliens been visiting us here on Earth? And if so for how long? And for what purpose?

There are many famous examples of reported Alien encounters and abductions which we know about and probably many more which have been suppressed by our governments. The truth is that only a tiny fraction of these reported alien and UFO encounters are ever reported. Most people fear the ridicule they will face if they say “Hey, I saw an Alien” and worry that their friends and family will think they are some kind of loon! Or they find some way to rationalize what they saw to themselves “Oh it was a weather balloon” or something.

But what about those times when UFO sightings have been witness by more than one person? Surely an entire city can't be mad? We take a closer look at ten of the most famous Alien and UFO encounters many of which have become staples in our culture, mysterious phenomenon known around the world.

From the famous Roswell UFO Crash in the New Mexico desert, the 1942 Battle of Los Angeles and the Tehran Incident we'll be taking a look at the Top 10 Most Famous Alien & UFO Encounters. Whether you're a hardcore believer in UFOs and Aliens or a skeptic minded person, you can't ignore the possibility that Aliens just might be real!