Cow Mutilations explanation: Could Aliens be the answer?

When we look at the claims made by Alien abductees, UFOlogists and those who have made psychic connections with our extraterrestrial brethren often we are left speechless, dazed and confused. Sometimes the evidence is so bad we are dumbstruck then other times your brain just can't comprehend what you've just been told. Cow Mutilations fall into the second of these categories. 

What are Cow Mutilations?

Across the United States, and the rest of the world, farmers have been reporting a series of strange occurrences involving their cows. Its some really weird shit. Imagine your a farmer and you get up at the crack of dawn, roll down to the cattle field in your tractor and discover one of your cows has been brutally and inhumanely murdered. But that's not all.

These animals have all their blood drained and all their internal organs have been removed. All this despite no visible sign of entry or surgical incision. Weird huh? Well they remove the lips, tongues, vagina's and anus too. Yep, vagina's and anus. The animal is found dumped in an area where there are no marks or tracks leading to or from the carcass, even when it is found in soft ground or mud.

The first allegedly strange death of livestock comes from Colorado, in 1967. On September 7 of that year, Agnes King noticed that Lady, a three-year-old horse, had not returned to the ranch at the usual time for her water. 

Two days later Lady was discovered in distressing circumstances. Her head and neck had been skinned and defleshed, the bones were white and clean. To King, the cuts on Lady seemed to have been very precise. There was no blood at the scene and there was a strong medicinal odor in the air. They also found a lump of skin and horse flesh; when Mrs. Lewis touched it, the flesh oozed a greenish fluid which burned her hand. They also reported the discovery of fifteen "tapering, circular exhaust marks punched into the ground" over an area of some 5000 square yards. 

Right up to the modern day cases like this are still being reported to the FBI. In May 2001, 200 goats were mutilated in Panggang District of Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. There are a number of possible explanations put forward but could it really be aliens? 

The FBI launched an official investigation in 1979 after a further  130 mutilations in Colorado alone. It took a number of years to complete and eventually a 297 page report was published. The official explanation is typical of a government trying to hide something: Natural Predators. Yeah right!

One theory is that its the legendary cryptid: The Chupacabra. The chupacabra is known for drinking the blood of animals which it attacks. This would explain the blood being drained from the cattle but it doesn't explain all the other characteristics of these attacks.

Perhaps more chillingly is the theory (and the one which I believe) that these mutilations are actually performed by the government themselves. The FBI or more likely the CIA have developed a new weapn which sucks out all your blood and guts from out of your anus and then you die. Its exactly the kind of the thing you should expect from the CIA.