We often mistakenly associate Psychic power with the paranormal or the supernatural when in fact there are many examples of everyday psychic phenomenon. We all have extrasensory experiences and often times we don't even recognize it as so. You, even you have had these kinds of common psychic experiences. We often just dismiss these kinds of things as coincidence or ignore them all together.

Have you ever:

Felt like somebody was watching you, and you look around and confirm your suspicion?
Ever dreamt of a person or place days before meeting them or visiting that place?
Ever finished somebody else's sentence? Or experienced Deja Vu? 
Ever been angry and stuff around you shook, or vibrated, or even smashed?
Ever jumped out of the way of impending danger? Like a speeding car or falling branch?
Ever heard somebody call out your name, even when there is nobody around?
Ever predicted an event just seconds before it occurred? or influenced its results?
Ever finished somebody else's sentence? Or experienced Deja Vu? 

If you have experienced these kinds of moments in your life, things that you cannot explain with the five 'normal' senses then you may be a psychic clairvoyant. If any of these stories sound like things that have happened to you in your life,  or if you have other examples of telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance or precognition (i would love to hear about them) then you too may have the raw psychic potential to develop your psychic powers using the Psychic Investigations model.

This is a simple test of Clairvoyant abilities. 

If you have read this and thought "damn, that's happened to me" or "that reminds me of this time when..." then you should definitely take this clairvoyance test.? Clairvoyance is the ability to see objects clearly across space and time. This double blind experiment will be a good way to test if you have psychic powers or abilities. The double blind test was a method used by the Stamford Research institute whilst testing Uri Geller. Naturally the Israelis visions of inside the envelopes was 100% correct and he was able to duplicate the drawings in a separate notebook. The test also echos the remote viewing experiments done by the same SRI department during the cold war. Stamford research and the military had great successes with remote viewing, but that is another story.