Investigating the effects of Lucid Dreaming vs. Meditation

It all started out when I realised the french word for "lucid" is "clair" as in "clairvoyance". Clairvoyance literally translates as "clair" clear or lucid and "voyance" meaning vision.

I realised that the two may have some kind of link.

The effects of meditation are well documented. Neurologists have used the most up to date modern scientific techniques, such as fMRI and EEG, to see how their bodies and brain change. The effects of meditation can include changes in metabolism, heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and brain chemistry.

Similar effects are reported in dreaming, prayer and hypnosis. I am convinced their is a link, to do with accessing the subconcious mind.

                                 Freud seen here smoking what only he would describe as 
                                                               a little brown willy.

Frueds model of the mind see's three distinct parts, the id, the ego and the super ego. The Id represents our primal, evolutionary drives; the need for food and sex. This is subconcious. The ego is representive of our more civilised, social, machiavellian mind. The part that knows how to manipulate our surroudnings to achieve our goals. Then finally. This is our conscious mind. The super ego is a doorway between the two parts, allowing certain ideas like "hunger" to filter through from the id to the ego to become "I'm hungry, I wonder how I can get food", while turning away less appealing thoughts such as "how can I sleep with my mother?"

Was Sigmund Freud right or was just "Sick-man Fraud"? I mean even the word psychoanalysis has anal right in the middle of it.

I deduce that this process of unlocking the subconcious mind is key to accessing your extra sensory abilities. We know from case studies of the great psychics from history including, Edgar Cacye and Michel de Nostradame, that trance work was used in their prophecies.

                                                       Edgar Cayce looking pensive.

Edgar Cacye would famously lie at the bottom of his bed in a "hypnotic like state" and dictate his prophecies. It was done in such a fashion because Cayce said he generally would not remember what he had said while in this state. His predictions are numerous and many of his prophecies have been exacted.

Cayce argued that the unconscious mind has access to information that the conscious mind does not.

And where better to explore the unconcious mind but in a lucid dream?